Billing Information


The APS website does not store your credit card information directly. However, when a purchase is made you can choose to have your details saved securely with our merchant services.

Refund requests - If you made a mistake or your client filled out a questionnaire incorrectly please follow the steps below under the refund section to request a refund.

Saving a new credit card

The only way to save a new credit card is by making a purchase. When your purchasing a report, or pre-paid report there is a small checkbox that is titled "save credit card" and when this is checked the card will be available for your next purchase.

Removing a credit card

  1. At the top of the screen click the "My Account" drop down.

  2. In the drop down click "My Info."

  3. In the billing information section click the "Delete" button below the card you would like to remove from your account.

The credit card list will update once the card is removed.

Refund Request

Please make a note of the client's name and fill out this request form.