APS Sign in

If you are having issues signing into your account and need to reset your password please follow these steps:

Start by resetting your session: Reset Session

Then follow this link to login: APS sign in

Before you can reset your password you need to type in your email address and try to guess your password.

Now that you have put in the wrong password you can select "Forgot Password"

On the forgot password screen verify your email address and select "Change Password"

An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

Click the link "click here" to reset your password.

Password is not complex enough must be at least eight characters long and must include either numbers or special characters.

Once you have entered in a complex password that matches click submit and you will see this message.

Now go back to the APS login page and login with the new password.

TIP: If the above steps do not work please try logging in from another device or browser to see if that makes a difference.