Supervision is a key part of the APS training. In response to this need the APS software online includes functionality for supervisors to manage their APS students. Following is a brief overview of this feature.

Student Basics

Students can access the APS software like full fledged counselors however, they are under supervision. The student account is limited and they can only add and view their own clients. They also cannot pay for any reports, they have to wait for the supervisor to pay for it to be able to download it.

Here is why we added this feature:

  1. The student keeps their own reports, however the supervisor still has access to them while they are under supervision.

  2. The supervisor will see the student's reports under that student (instead of the clients being mixed in with all the other client/reports).

  3. The supervisor is no longer required to enter the client's information.

Add Student

Getting to know the feature

When a supervisor adds a student, an email is sent to the student on how to login. A good way to test this functionality is for the supervisor to add themself to the APS system, however an email address must be used that is not already in the APS system.

Student Payments

The payment from the student should be made outside of the APS online system, as the student cannot pay for the reports in the APS online system. Many Supervisors use PayPal and "invoice" their students. If the student pre-pays for all of their required APS reports you will need to keep track of how many reports you "owe" the student. However, in the new system it is possible to see how many they have used.