Finding Clients


On opening the APS website you will be presented with the most recent clients you entered on the home page. Clients that have been in the system for more than 30 days will show up under the View Clients page. If the clients are not found on the home page there are several options to locate them.


The quick search is located at the top of the page in the blue bar. It is a white box with the words "Search..." located inside the box. When you start typing the system will look for any keywords you enter in the client's record. Tip: Try searching for the clients last name. This box will only find 10 clients at a time. If you cannot find the client your looking for in this box or the box shows all 10 results but does not find the client your looking for please proceed to the Fullsearch:


Recommended Method

  1. At the top of the screen click "View Clients."

  2. In the search box put the person's last name.

  3. Make sure the "Sort" drop down box is changed to "Auto."

  4. Make sure "Show Deleted" is turned off.

Tip: If you're seeing too many results try searching for First and Last name.

Tip: If you cannot find the client try turning on "Show Deleted," remember to turn the show deleted feature off when your done.

Tip: The "Show Shared" toggle switch will show you any clients that have been shared with you from an admin.