Sending a Questionnaire


The APS website has several different options when it comes to sending out a questionnaire to your client. We found the most useful method is sending the questionnaire directly to the client via Email or Text. However, if you are using the older 60 Question Response Form you are able to print the form and give them a physical copy. The paper copy is not available for the newer 18 Question Reponse Form.

After the questionnaire is filled out by your client they receive a message saying "Survey Complete, Thank you." The client does not need to do anything after the survey is completed online. You will receive an email informing you when the survey is ready to process. For more information on the report please see the Client - Report page.

Step One Login

For help logging into your account, please click here.


Adding a new client

  1. Click "Add Client" in the blue bar at the top of the page.

  2. Enter in the client details.

  3. Select "Email" (selecting email in the 18 questionnaire area will send out the newer questionnaire, selecting it in the 60 questionnaire area will send out the older 60 questionnaire)

  4. Click "Add Client." This will bring you to the email page.

  5. Check the information on the page and click "Submit."

Sending to existing client

  1. Click "View Clients" at the top of the page.

  2. Search for the client. TIP: Using the person's last name usually finds the person you are looking for.

  3. Click the drop down on the right side of the client for either the newer 18 questionnaire or the 60 questionnaire and select "Via Email."

  4. Check the information on the page and click "Submit."

Text Message

Please use the same steps as above but instead of selecting "Email," select "Text Message." The only difference is that you will be prompted to put in the client's mobile number instead of the client's email address.

TIP: If you would like to email a client the link directly the link can be copied from the text message confirmation page.

Manually Send a Link

There are some cases where the client may not receive our automated message from the website. In those cases you may want to try sending the link directly to the client. The easiest way is to email it to yourself and then forward the email to the client. However, if your looking to copy the link you can pull up the "Text Message" page and copy the link from the confirmation page as mentioned above.

If you send your client one of the links below they will also need the code that is associated with their record. You can find this code embedded in the link on the text message page above.

Printing the Questionnaire

Currently, the 18 Question APS Response Form is only available in electronic format. In previous discussions with the APS Committee, we believe it is their intention for the 18 Question APS Response Form to remain exclusively in electronic format in part, as an effort to protect the integrity of the content of the document and ensuring that only APS Certified Counselors have access to administer it.

As counselors complete their training, they would complete the new 18 Question APS Response Form as part of their education requirement. The study of the temperament material is the primary focus of our training and would remain in print format.

The 60 Question Response Form is available in the printed format on the APS website by following this link. To enter the answers for this questionnaire, please choose the printed form when entering in a new client under the 60 questionnaire section.

Ordering Printed Questionnaire Copies

To order printed copies of the questionnaire, please follow this link:

The cost is $5 + Shipping.

Please note: The 18 questionnaire is only available electronically. To review it, please see the section below titled "Running a test client."

Reviewing the 18 Questionnaire

You can run a test client if you want to see the 18 questionnaire. (To review the 60 questionnaire, print the form with the instructions above.) Simply enter a fictitious client name, like "Demo Client," and send the questionnaire to your own email address. Once you have finished filling out the questionnaire, delete the client. Sending out and filling in the questionnaire does not cost anything; you are only charged if you generate a report.

Reviewing the Client's Answers

One of the benefits of the online 18 questionnaire is the ability to review the client's answers. This is not an option with the 60 qustionnaire unless you save a paper copy of the printed form with the client's responses. However, the 18 questionnaire answers can be reviewed online. To do this, go to the run reports page for the client. Right above the buttons where you select what type of report you would like to run is a little link that says "View Questionnaire" in blue. This link will pull up the answers provided by the client.