Editing Clients


The APS website keeps track of all of the clients you have entered into the system. You are able to keep notes and review other activity as it relates to the APS. 


To edit an existing client, click the view clients button at the top of the page. To find a specific client search for them in the box provided or follow the direction found here. Once you find the client, click the edit button for that client. 

You can change the Name, Email, and Gender of the client. This even changes an unlocked report in case information was entered incorrectly. 

The name of the counselor can also be updated here. This is the name that is printed on the report as the counselor. However, if this field is left blank, the default name will be used that is found on the APS settings page. 

If the client has not completed the questionnaire, you can send the link again from this page. 

Activity History 

The activity history will show each change made to the client, information related to the questionnaire (how many times it was sent), and any payment details. 

This section can be useful to research what changed over time with that client, as the page saves all the data relating to the client before it was changed in the database.

Student Edit

If have the teacher role, this section will allow you to transfer any client to your student's record. Once a client has been transferred to a student you will no longer have the client listed in your account, you will see the client under the student page.