New Report

From only the expressed and wanted scores


In some cases all you have from a client is the express and wanted scores and you would like to run a new report. In those cases please follow the steps below.

Create new report from only the Express and Wanted scores:

Recommended Method

  1. Make a note of the person's expressed and wanted scores. *

  2. Enter in a new client

  3. Enter in the same name and gender

  4. Choose the 60 questionnaire printed form. **

  5. (Optional) In the notes field add a note that this is a report being converted from the original report.

  6. Click "Add Client"

  7. On the next page titled Enter Text Scores, click "Enter Expressed and Wanted Scores"

  8. Enter the expressed and wanted scores from step one.

* Tip: The expressed and wanted scores are located on the second page of the APS report.

** Note: On step 5. It does not matter if the person took an 18 questionnaire, this is the only way to enter in the expressed and wanted scores noted in step one.