Age Convert


The APS website has two types of reports for each person's age group, youth and adult. Sometimes it is necessary to convert a report from a youth to an adult. Even more rarely you may need to convert an adult report to a youth report. Both are possible, but understanding why and when are important to know. In both circumstances the steps are the same and shown below. If you're interested in converting a report, it’s important to first understand when you do not want to take the steps below. If the client took the wrong questionnaire do not take these steps. In that case you will need to completely disregard the first report and request a refund, because in that case the questionnaire cannot be used to convert the report. However, for instance, if the client answered the questionnaire correctly you can convert the report successfully to another type of report because their temperament does not change.

Convert a Youth report to Adult OR Adult to Youth

Recommended Method

  1. Make a note of the person's expressed and wanted scores. *

  2. Enter in a new client

  3. Enter in the same name and gender

  4. Choose Adult if converting a Youth report. Or choose Youth if converting from an Adult Report.

  5. choose the 60 questionnaire printed form. **

  6. (Optional) In the notes field note that this is a report being converted from the original report.

  7. Click "Add Client"

  8. On the next page titled Enter Text Scores, click "Enter Expressed and Wanted Scores"

  9. Enter the expressed and wanted scores from step one.

* Tip: The expressed and wanted scores are located on the second page of the APS report.

** Note: On step 5. It does not matter if the person took an 18 questionnaire, this is the only way to enter in the expressed and wanted scores noted in step one.